Q1 2023 Release Notes

OAuth APIs

  • Added a scope variable as part of the response for the /oauth/token endpoint to fetch a token for a tenant e.g., read:taxprofiles.

Assets APIs

  • Updated documentation to state that we don't require a Bearer Token for Assets APIs.
  • [Breaking Change] Deprecated Asset price endpoints (single and batch) to fetch the price for a given asset UUID.

Transactions APIs

  • Added description for the x-api-key usage and how customers can leverage the x-api-key to ingest transactions using raw and batch endpoints.
  • Added tenantId information in the response example for enriched transactions to allow clients to make sure the documentation matches the response.
  • Launched a new Batch API to support ingesting multiple transactions by specifying user IDs in the request header and passing in an array of transactions.
  • [Breaking Change] Deprecated the asynchronous transaction ingestion endpoint for inserting transactions asynchronously into the database for calculations.
  • Updated the documentation to reflect sorting transactions in ascending order for Get transactions from the TaxBit API.
  • Removed network from the required list of TDMMetadata fields and updated network to be a string instead of on enum.

Documents APIs

  • Introduced the new form type RMD_STATEMENT for document generation.

Tax Documentation APIs

  • Removed the document_type field for W9 submission.
  • Introduced new /tax-documents APIs to get released tax documents for a user given a User ID.

Gains and Inventory APIs

  • Added details for the accounting_method field on the gains endpoints to fetch a Payer's accounting information as an optional parameter.
  • Fixed the cost basis response object's documentation to match the API's response, i.e., using tax_year instead of cost_basis_date.
  • Fixed the inventory response's documentation to match the API's response, i.e., return an object of cost_basis_lots instead of an array of objects containing asset information.
  • Removed the unit_price field from the Get Inventory For a Specific Asset endpoint since it isn't supported.
  • Made the form field optional in the /transaction/{id}/cost-bases endpoint since it isn't required.
  • Added updated_datetime to the response to support retrieving an inventory summary for an asset.

Account Owners APIs

  • Added documentation to warn users that a missing tenant-id and account-owner-id for OAuth will return an invalid token.
  • Introduced a start_date and end_date as part of the Account Owner response type.

Users APIs

  • Introduced rate limits for CRUD Operations on Users. The API will return a graceful 429 error code with the error message "Too many requests" if customer API calls are above 50 requests-per-second (RPS).
  • Introduced 403 for updating user requests when a user is forbidden to use the API.

Common Changes for All APIs

  • Standardized all date and date-time fields in the API to the ISO 8601 format.
  • Added more detail to the descriptions of the Users and Transactions APIs.
  • Added a Generic error response for all 403 error codes.
  • Cleaned up duplicate Authorization requirements in the documentation for all APIs.