The Payer API endpoint enables users to efficiently retrieve a list of all payers associated with a specific tenant. Payers serve as a critical link between legal entities and accounts within our platform. They play a pivotal role in tax form generation, gains calculations, and compliance.

What is a Payer?

Payers are an integral part of TaxBit's system, providing essential information for tax form generation and gains calculation. In our system, all user Accounts must be associated with a Payer, and each legal entity can have one or more Payers linked to it. Payer data encompasses various details about the associated legal entity, including entity name, address, logo, integration IDs, and accounting methods.

Each legal entity that needs to issue forms will have a payer associated to them.

Key Payer Data

Payers store a wealth of information about the associated companies, including:

  • Legal Entity Name: The legal name of the entity, which will be displayed on the generated forms.
  • Address: The physical address of the legal entity, which is used for official correspondence.
  • Logo: The legal entity's logo, which can be displayed on the generated forms for branding purposes.
  • Accounting Methods: Defined accounting methodologies used by the legal entity, ensuring accurate calculation of gains and taxes.


  1. Work with your TaxBit Implementation Manager to configure Payer data. This API can only be used to retrieve Payer information.