Within the TaxBit ecosystem, User represents an account owned by an end user, which includes Personal Identifiable Information (PII) data and transaction records associated with that account.

While no specific field is mandatory to establish a User in our system, certain fields like tax_id are necessary for features like Information Reporting and Withholding (IRW) Form Generation and Automatic TIN Validation. The fields you incorporate will depend significantly on your specific use case. Nonetheless, it is advised to provide as much data as feasible regarding a User as a best practice to ensure that TaxBit possesses the required information to satisfy your regulatory requirements.

User Data Model

Field NameData TypeDescription
uuidUUIDUnique ID of a user
external_idstringID for the user in the source system.
This ID is used to identify the user outside of the TaxBit platform and is used for tax form generation.
account_owner_idstringID of the AccountOwner related to this user
payer_idstringID of the payer/filer for this user
user_typestring enumUser account type
namestringUser's full name
emailstringUser's email address
addressUserAddressUser's address
country_codestringCountry the user is subject to taxes. View full list of alpha-2 country codes here.
tax_idstringUnmasked TIN
tax_id_typestring enumTIN Type
birth_datestringUser's date of birth
establishment_datestringDate when account was established
year_end_fair_market_value[YearEndFairMarketValue]Array of year-end fair market values. Not required for user creation, but required to generate forms for users of type US_IRA_TRADITIONAL, US_IRA_ROTH, US_IRA_SEP, and US_IRA_SIMPLE.
physical_mailbooleanWhether the user's tax forms will be sent through physical mail instead of electronically. Defauls to false.

UserAddress Object

Field NameData TypeDescription
first_linestringFirst line of user's address
second_linestringSecond line of user's address
third_linestringThird line of user's address
citystringUser's city
statestringUser's state
countrystringUser's country
postal_codestringUser's postal code


Field NameData TypeDescription
year_endnumberFour digit year of the last tax year as of 12/31
fair_market_valueAssetQuantityTotal US dollar value of assets within the account at year-end
required_minimum_distributionsAssetQuantityTotal US dollar amount that must be withdrawn annually from a retirement account (IRA) by owners of retirement age


Field NameData TypeDescription
assetAssetAsset object
quantitynumberQuantity of the given asset