The impairment API provides the lowest price of an asset during a specific time window to support impairment reporting. Impairment typically occurs at the end of an accounting period, which is typically monthly but can also be quarterly or any other arbitrary period.

The TaxBit Impairment Reporting API offers the following features and benefits:

Transparent and Auditable Pricing: TaxBit ensures transparent and auditable pricing data points. Clients can have confidence in the traceability and auditability of the provided pricing data.

Period-End Valuations and Impairment Analysis: The API supports period-end valuations, fair value measurements, and impairment analysis. It provides the necessary pricing support for accurate financial reporting.

Real-Time Pricing: Access real-time pricing data for target principal markets and assets. Stay up-to-date with the latest market values for your assets.

Industry-Leading Coverage: Benefit from TaxBit's extensive coverage of markets and assets. Whether you are interested in current popular assets or need support for future needs or market movements, TaxBit has you covered.

Simplified Pricing and Analysis: Focus only on the data that matters to you. The API allows you to simplify pricing and analysis by providing the specific data you need while ignoring irrelevant information.