Recon API allows you to retrieve your data either by ID (internal or external identifier) or by time range with pagination. You will receive your data in the same format as the POST endpoint (TDM format), which means you only need to build one translator to perform reconciliation. The data you receive from our API will match what is in our Tax Centers.

Our Taxbit Transaction Data model largely maps any data provided by you back into the Transaction Data Model. The only exception is if your data was ingested pre-Transaction Data Model, the type field would be empty since it's using the historical type.

Please note that transaction data will be available one hour after receiving it via the POST API. Before escalating any issues, kindly ensure that you have queried the data for at least one hour since sending it to us via the API.

For the historical batch, it will take up to 24 hours post the completion of the uploader before it is queryable via our recon API. While a large number of transactions (at least 10M) can be requested in the initial request, by default, the API will only return 1K transactions per page, up to a maximum of 25K. The date range window must have 10M transactions or less. If there are more than 10M transactions, please narrow down the date range.