Access the API

For secure communication with our API, TaxBit employs bearer tokens as the method of authentication. It is essential to understand the role and management of these tokens to ensure seamless integration and data security.

The tenant scoped bearer token is the primary credential you will use to authenticate requests for Information Reporting purposes. This token encapsulates the security and access rights scoped specifically to your tenant environment within TaxBit. It ensures that interactions with the API are securely managed and isolated to your data.

  • Token Validity: Upon receiving your tenant scoped bearer token from the API request, be aware that it is only valid for 24 hours. It’s crucial to manage token expiration actively to maintain uninterrupted access to the API. To ensure uninterrupted access, we recommend integrating token retrieval into your workflow prior to making requests.
  • Token Security Practices: A bearer token must be handled with the highest security standards. Do not share your token or credentials on publicly accessible platforms. Always use HTTPS for transmitting the token to ensure encrypted communications with the API.

How to Request a Tenant Scoped Bearer Token:

  1. Initiate a POST Request: Use the designated endpoint to request a tenant scoped bearer token. This action requires your API credentials, including the client ID, client secret, and tenant ID, which are available in the SendSafely Workspace. These credentials (and SendSafely Account information) were provided by your Implementation Manager during implementation kickoff.

For detailed guidance on requesting and managing your tenant scoped bearer token, please refer to the tenant scoped access token documentation page.