Taxbit supports payment platforms with US Information Reporting (ie. 1099K, 1099MISC, 1099NEC) and OECD Model Rules for Digital Platforms (ie. DAC7).


Sending Data to TaxBit

Data can be ingested to TaxBit through API, with CSV files, or SDK (Tax Documentation Data only)The following sections will highlight integration via API and SDK. Batch data transfers will mimic a similar data model to the APIs (available on request)

There are two key pieces of data required for any Taxbit integration and multiple ways to collect this data.

  1. Account Data (API, CSV Files, SDK)
  2. Payment Data (API, CSV Files)

Retrieving Forms

Taxbit has a variety of delivery methods for individual user's forms once they're generated:

  1. TaxBit Dashboard - Log into the TaxBit Dashboard and navigate to a specific account. Within the "Tax Documentation" section, you can see all generated tax documents for that account, by tax year.
  2. Utilize the Get Released Tax Documents endpoint to directly display tax forms in your app for a specific user