Following the successful integration with our platform, you'll unlock a suite of functionalities tailored to enhance your tax reporting processes and operational efficiency. Below is a detailed look at the features and benefits you can anticipate:


  • Sample Deliverables in Sandbox Environment: Utilize the sandbox environment to validate your integration. This space allows you to work with sample deliverables, ensuring everything operates smoothly and information looks correct ahead of Tax Season.
  • View Account Information: Simplify Account monitoring and management by accessing comprehensive Account details through the TaxBit Dashboard.
  • Account Eligibility: Assess Account eligibility for various reporting standards directly within the TaxBit dashboard. This aids in the identification of Accounts that meet specific tax reporting criteria.
  • TIN Matching: Conduct TIN verification against official records via the TaxBit Dashboard to enhance the accuracy and reliability of your tax documentation.

Leveraging the APIs

  • Retrieve Gains and Inventory: If you've provided raw transaction data, use the APIs to access detailed gains and inventory insights. This feature is invaluable for precise inventory management and gains calculation.
  • Expose Data to Your Customers: Offer your customers direct access to their tax-related information and insights. Providing this transparency can significantly enhance customer satisfaction and trust in your services.

By taking full advantage of these features, your organization can streamline its tax reporting, ensure compliance, and deliver exceptional value to your customers. The TaxBit platform is designed to assist you through the complexities of tax reporting, from efficient data collection to the generation and submission of accurate forms. Should you require further assistance or have questions about leveraging these capabilities, your implementation manager is readily available to provide support.