TaxBit's Digital W-9/W-8 product assists customers in collecting data and generating IRS Forms W-9, W-8BEN, and W-8BEN-E. Customers can use Digital W-9/W-8 using our SDK or API implementations.

In the API, we refer to Digital W-9/W-8 as "Tax Documentation." This API offers you the ability to natively implement TaxBit into your application. For example, developers can use these Tax Documentation API endpoints to:

  • Submit tax documentation data.
  • Retrieve the latest tax documentation data.
  • Retrieve tax documentation data by ID.
  • Retrieve a summary of tax documentation.

A bearer token must be created using an account_owner_id. This is required because all Tax Documentation APIs are related to the Account Owner. To request a bearer token, you must send a request to the Get an Account Owner Scoped Bearer Token endpoint in our TaxBit REST API. If you don’t have an account_owner_id yet, please contact the TaxBit team to get started.

The POST endpoint for submitting Tax Documentation data is highly restrictive, meaning the API requires the data to be complete and pass full validation before being accepted. In cases where this is not feasible, we recommend you utilize the SDK since it guides users to input valid data before submission.

The GET endpoints return data in various forms, some of which will have an unmask_tin query parameter that you can use to control whether the TIN/FTIN in the response is shown or hidden.