Cost Basis Interchange Requirements

To be a part of the Cost Basis Interchange, you must set up an integration with the TaxBit API. This guide will serve as a reference to the Cost Basis Interchange's requirements.


Cost Basis Interchange requires details about crypto transfer transactions between accounts. Transfers are withdraw and deposit types with a subtype of blockchain and an asset type of crypto. You must create a Platform object with the transaction_hash and to_addresses for these transactions. The Transaction Insertion Data Model is the format TaxBit expects you to use for transactional data.

Each transaction is associated with a User UUID, representing who executed the transaction (see Create TaxBit User). Cost Basis Interchange leverages a user's tax_id and tax_id_type values to ensure matches across transfers. Therefore, these fields must exist on the User object for TaxBit to match transfer transactions.


Click on the links to see example transactions for deposits or withdrawals that could leverage the Cost Basis Interchange.

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